Understanding the Energy Transition with a Machine Learning Toolbox

Welcome to the research page of the ERC project ENECML (grant agreement 101001732).

The ENECML Project

Renewable Power

We analyze the renewable energy boom in the electricity sector. We quantify the benefits and cost...

The ENECML Project

Demand Side Behavior

We examine the responses and impact to households from the energy transition. In many of hour pro...

The ENECML Project

Methods and Tools

Some of our work provides guidance on the methods and tools in the literature of industrial organ...

The ENECML Project

Competition and Markets

We analyze the functioning and performance of electricity markets, both on the generation and the...

The ENECML Project

Climate Change

We study a wide range of issues concerning climate policies, from cap-and-trade markets and leaka...

The ENECML Project

Policy Work

We contribute to the discussion on how to better design electricity markets and cope with the imp...

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Institut d'Anàlisi Econòmica

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Barcelona School of Economics

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(grant agreement 101001732)